Safe data transfer

Safe data transfer

Safe data transfer

Private DNA Transfer - a device originally developed for a lab usage. Very private personal data - human DNA sequences - need to be
transported over computer networks,over internet, a strongly safe way.  It would be really serious to allow these
data to leak to a hacker or so...
A pair of devices, a pair of terminals. The data are very securely transferred between these terminals.
USB flash sticks are used on terminal sides. When a USB stick is inserted to the terminal various parameters are verified. If the stick
inserted is not recognized its usage is refused. Only a trustful registered stick is accepted.
When a USB stick is inserted (and accepted) the user can decide to erase it using our terminal. After this erase user can be absolutely
sure the stick is empty and virus free. If there formerly were some sensitive data stored on the stick they are safely purged. There is no
risk of data leak after the erase. And if an USB stick was infected by a virus it is gone as well after this kind of erase. The stick now can
be moved to a critical device (like a DNA sequencing machine in a lab) and user can be sure no infection is handed in this way.
The USB stick used has a switch, a true physical write protection lock.
A file transfer between terminals is a very simple task. And it is very safe too. A file from the USB stick connected to one terminal is
simply transferred to an USB stick attached to the paired terminal device, when the user demands.
More sophisticated structures than just a pair of devices are possible.
Files are very thoroughly crypted all their way. Mathematicians believe the cipher used cannot be compromised unless a quantum
computer is used. But this kind of quantum computers probably still do not exist...
More details of the cipher used you can gain when you attend our seminar.

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