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About Us

Advanced Medical Solutions develops, produces, and distributes integrative solutions (devices, sw + services) for the early and non-invasive diagnostics and therapy of arterial, venous and lymfatic systems with a specific focus on diabetic patients and other groups with cardiovascular risk factors. The aim is to prevent more serious vascular difficulties thanks to an early detection and application of convenient therapies in time and in the natural environment of the patient.


Added value for our customers:

  1. Considerable reduction or straight eliminination of the risk of diabetic foot

  2. Considerable reduction of healthcare costs by more than 30%

  3. Considerable capacity increase and coverage of multiple number of patients


Apart of our own products we also offer innovative solutions provided by co-operating partners for the following areas:

  • Rehabilitation and Telerehabilitation

  • Dermatology and Estetic Medicine


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