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Established in 1983, EME strengthened its brand on an international level, as a Leading company in the Production of electromedical equipment for physiotherapy, aesthetics and aesthetic medicine.

Over time, EME was able to wisely merge the experience of professionals in the field, producing cutting-edge technologies, as a result of an in-depth study of new trends of applied therapy, always combined with a modern design.

Today, the reliability of EME products is globally recognized and, thanks to the fruitful collaboration with our Italian and foreign partners, EME successfully distributes its products, all certified as “Made in Italy“, in over 60 countries worldwide.

EME manages internally 4 product lines, everyone of which focusing on its own market field.

Polyter Evo
Polyter Evo nello stadio.jpg
  • choice of 6 modules

Modular Equipment

Polyter Evo chiuso_.png
Polyter Evo aperto_.png
Polyter Evo coperchio con manipoli.png
ShockMed SP
Shock Med tratt 2_.jpg
Shock Med_.jpg

Shock Med

Shock waves are acoustic waves carrying a high amount of energy through the tissues, that irradiate in the body until reaching the sore area. Shock waves are characterized by a rapid change in pressure, with great amplitude and non-periodicity.

The amount of energy that is transferred to the tissue is much higher than the energy produced by ultrasounds.
Our body reacts to the shock waves passing through it by increasing the metabolic activities in the treated area and facilitating the reduction of the inflammation caused by an analgesic effect induced by the local release of endorphins.

The healing process is thus stimulated and accelerated.
Our devices emit a radial (ballistic) shock wave, since the wave is generated by a special pistol-shaped probe, whose barrel is closed at its end by a metallic cap; a steel bullet is shot against this cap using compressed air (max pressure 5 bar).

 In this way, a shock wave is generated that spreads moving radially through the skin
and in the underlying layer of tissue, or in a more focused way.

Shock Med SP

  • Device with wheels

  • Display Color Touch Screen 8’

  • Pressure 1-5 Bar max

  • Frequency 1-20 Hz max

  • 31 stored protocols, 200 protocols storable in the internal memory and more in the USB

  • Desktop device

  • Display Color Touch Screen 6′

  • Pressure 1-4 Bar max

  • Frequency 1-15 Hz max

  • 31 stored protocols, 200 protocols storable in the internal memory and more in the USB

BiPower Lux SP
Crystal Yag-Bipower Lux tratt 4_.jpg

Crystal YAG Desk

  • Desktop device

  • Display touch screen 8’

  • Wavelength 1064 nm

  • Max absorption power 75 VA

  • Maximum continuous peak power 12W

  • Continuous and pulsed emission modes

Bipower Lux 12 W

  • Desktop device

  • Display touch screen 8’

  • Wavelength 810+980 nm

  • Power 12W

  • Continuous and pulsed operating modes

  • 32 stored protocols, 200 protocols storable in the internal memory and 4gb in the USB

Our high power laser systems have a wavelength that ranges between 810 and 1064 nm.

Thanks to the high power supplied, it allows the stimulation of the deep layers of the tissue, thus facilitating a quick and widespread cellular regeneration.
It is indicated for sport traumatology, rheumatic pathologies, physical rehabilitation, general medicine and dermatology.
The use of high power lasers allows the user to obtain excellent therapeutic results, considerably reducing treatment times.

Crystal Yag - Bipower Lux_.jpg

Vikare 8W

  • Desktop device

  • Display touch screen 6’

  • Wavelength 940 nm

  • Power 8W

  • Continuous and pulsed operating modes

  • 32 stored protocols, 200 protocols storable in the internal memory and 200 in the Smart Card

Scanning Laser
PR 999 tratt_.jpg

The application of scanning lasertherapy allows the treatment of larger areas than the contact laser application
and the process is entirely automatic, since it does not need the presence of an operator.

Step by step movers: the new moving system of the laser through step by step movers generates micro-oscillations,
allowing the set treatment area to increase in size up to 5%.

PR 999_.png
  • Excellent if used against inflammations, excels also regarding its Analgesic and bio-stimulation effects

  • Wavelength of 940nm

  • Single diode with 8W power

HR TEK tratt 3_.jpg
HR TEK 2_.jpg
  • Desktop device

  • Display Color Touch Screen 8′

  • Peak power 250 W

  • 2 included probes with power adjustment (Resistive and Capacitive)

Combimed 2200
Combimed 2200 tratt 1_.jpg
Combimed 2200_.jpg
  • Display Color Touch&Scroll 6’

  • Ultrasound 1 output 1/3 Mhz

  • Electrotherapy 2 indipendent output with 25 wave forms

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